St. Peter - Stiftskeller - Das Restaurant

Genuine Salzburg hospitality for over 1200 years

Culture, history and modernity in St. Peter Stiftskeller – The Restaurant in Salzburg

St Peter Stiftskeller – The Restaurant – is located in the centre of Salzburg's old town, the traces of high culture are here omnipresent and the UNESCO World Heritage status is proof of the living history of this ancient town.

Guests virtually partake in the living inheritance when they enter our courtyard. Here they can truly sense the history, however the doors are also open to the modern world. The exquisite cuisine offers dishes of local traditions as well as an international culinary repertoire. The sumptuously decorated Salons provide an extraordinary setting, a feast for the senses and pure enjoyment – an experience of time-honoured and genuine hospitality – in this combination it can easily be described as unique.

St Peter Stiftskeller – The Restaurant:  ‘Blessed are those who enjoy’